Advanced Topics in Systems


CS 6204: This course treats a specific advanced topic of current research interest in the area of systems. Papers from the current literature or research monographs are likely to be used instead of a textbook. Student participation in a seminar style format may be expected.


Recent Examples:

  • Fall 2016: Program Anomaly Detection with Learning
  • Spring 2016: Cloud Computing
  • Spring 2015: Ubiquitous Parallelism
  • Fall 2014: Advanced Topics in Emergent Systems
  • Spring 2014: Cloud Environments
  • Spring 2014: Advanced Topics in System and Network Security
  • Fall 2013: Wireless Security
  • Fall 2013: Parallel Visualization of Massive Data
  • Spring 2012: Advances in Cyber Security
  • Spring 2012: Sustainable Computing


Taught By: Ali Butt
Kirk Cameron
Danfeng Yao
Dongyoon Lee
Wu Feng
Godmar Back
Dennis Kafura
Calvin Ribbens
Wenjing Lou