Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction


CS 6724: Addresses a specific advanced topic of current research interest in the area of human-computer interaction (HCI). Research monographs and papers from the current literature will be used as a source of material too new yet to be in a textbook. Student participation in a seminar-style format. Each offering of this course will address a different subtopic area of HCI. May be repeated for credit.

Recent Examples:

  • Fall 2016: Critical & Cultural Computing
  • Spring 2016: Designing to Change Power and Authority
  • Spring 2016: User Interfaces for Built Environments
  • Fall 2015: Crowdsourcing & Human Computing
  • Spring 2015: Service Design
  • Fall 2014: Natural User Interfaces
  • Spring 2014: Applied Theories in HCI
  • Fall 2013: Visual Analytics
  • Spring 2012: 3D Interaction
  • Spring 2012: Computational Thinking for Middle School
  • Fall 2012: Distributed Virtual Environments

Taught By: Aisling Kelliher
Chris North
Doug Bowman
Scott McCrickard
Deborah Tatar
Denis Gracanin
Kurt Luther
Steve Harrison